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White Plains, New York Westchester County Elder Law And Estate Planning Attorneys

The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C., is one of the best law firms in White Plains NY with extensive legal experience dedicated to the practice of elder law, estate planning, Medicaid planning, asset protection from nursing homes, qualifying individuals for Medicaid home care or institutional Medicaid nursing home care, wills, powers of attorney, living wills, living trusts, life estates, health care proxies, estates, guardianships, probate and estate administration, estate litigation, special needs planning, personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, bed sores cases, nursing home accidents, and real estate closings. We have a professional team of attorneys in White Plains, NY.

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Probate and Estate Planning Lawyer White Plains, NY – No Case Is Too Small Or Too Large!

We are NY elder law attorneys dedicated to helping the elderly, disabled, persons with special needs and those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our lawyers in White Plains NY understand the legal and practical issues and needs of these individuals takes a special type of attorney. Estate planning, elder law, Medicaid and estate law can be daunting and confusing to the general public, those who work in the health care field and even attorneys who do not truly practice in this specific area.

Terms To Know When Communicating With Your Estate Attorney In White Plains, New York

When you first start to research estate planning and the probate process in New York, you will come across many unfamiliar terms. Before you choose which White Plains, NY estate attorney to contact for discussing your options, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the definitions of these common terms:

  • Will: The legal document where a decedent specifies how he or she wants his or her assets distributed after they have died. This document must be verified through the probate process in New York and will require the guidance of a White Plains probate attorney.
  • Decedent: The person who has died and left behind their estate.
  • Beneficiaries: Those who will be inheriting assets from a decedent’s estate.
  • Estate: The sum of all of a decedent’s assets (cash, bank accounts, real estate, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, vehicles, and any and all personal belongings).
  • Executor: The person who is named in the will to perform certain duties, such as paying the estate’s final debts and taxes, filing lawsuits for debts owed, and distributing assets to the beneficiaries as intended.
  • Administrator: The person who has been named by the court to administer an estate when the decedent did not leave a valid will.
  • Fiduciary duty: A legal responsibility imposed upon a person which requires them to exercise the highest legal level of integrity when handling the assets and finances of another person.
  • Advance Medical Directive: A legal document in which a person names a specific individual or individuals to make their medical decisions for them, if they become unable incapacitated. This document can also express the creator’s wishes concerning the amount of life-extending medical care they want. An estate attorney is vital to creating valid estate planning documents in White Plains, NY.

Wills and Guardianship Lawyer White Plains NY

The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C., is based in White Plains, New York. Our experienced White Plains, New York, Lawyers understand estate planning laws in NY as well as elder law in NY. Whether you are looking for an estate planning attorney in White Plains, New York, an elder law attorney in White Plains, NY, an accident attorney in White Plains, NY, motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, New York,  guardianship lawyer White Plains NY or a real estate attorneys in White Plains NY call the The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C. for a FREE Phone Consultation at (718) 475-9639.

Our White Plains attorneys are dedicated to educating our clients and their families in taking a proactive approach to estate and Medicaid planning so that family members will have the proper legal documents, tools and advice at their disposal to properly protect and preserve assets against White Plains NY nursing homes and the high cost of long term care, so that we can insure the proper transfer of wealth to the next generation and not have the family’s inheritance wiped out and spent on the catastrophic costs associated with long term care costs.

Unlike other White Plains law firms we take the time to get to know our clients and their unique issues. We encourage a free consultation with our clients and their children if they wish so that the proper estate planning and Medicaid planning can be accomplished to qualify clients for Medicaid, protect assets from nursing homes and transfer wealth and lessen estate, and capital gain taxes. We have been successfully qualifying and securing individuals for NY Medicaid and protecting and preserving family assets including their home from the high cost of nursing home care for individuals in the New York City metro area, Long Island, Westchester, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, and White Plains for well over a decade. Whether you refer to us as White Plains NY Lawyers or White Plains NY Elder Care attorneys, the Law Office of Michael Camporeale is the right choice. Find us under White Plains NY Estate Lawyers, White Plains NY Elder Lawyer, White Plains NY Elder Care, White Plains NY Elder Care Attorney, White Plains, New York, Estate Planning Attorney, White Plains, New York, Elder Law Attorney, White Plains, New York, Estate Planning Lawyer, and White Plains, New York, Elder Law Lawyer.

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We Are White Plains New York Elder Law Attorneys Dedicated To Providing Our Clients And Their Families With The Finest Legal Representation Available.

White Plains is a city in Westchester County, New York. It is the county seat and commercial hub of Westchester, an affluent suburban county just north of New York City that is home to almost one million people. White Plains is located in south-central Westchester, with its downtown (Mamaroneck Avenue) 25 miles (40 km) north of Midtown Manhattan. White Plains, situated just 25 miles north of Manhattan, has impressive credentials as one of the top suburban office and retail centers in the nation. White Plains is a corporate and retail hub as well as the Westchester County Seat and home to numerous federal and state government offices and courts. It offers a comprehensive, efficient, multi-modal public transportation system and is the gateway to both metropolitan and upstate New York, New England, and other major northeast markets. The city is strategically located less than a one-hour drive from four major metropolitan airports (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, and Westchester County Airport). You can contact us to consult with our White Plains car accident attorneys.

White Plains is a suburban city with a full accompaniment of urban amenities. A residential community of nearly 57,000, the population soars to approximately 225,000 during the day as workers, shoppers, and visitors arrive by car, rail, bus, and plane. White Plains is Westchester’s premier business market and is home to the county’s largest concentration of retail activity. With three major malls and a dynamic, revitalized downtown featuring outstanding restaurants, boutiques, arts and cultural destinations, and nightlife, White Plains is thriving. White Plains has thriving neighborhoods with well-established identities and a traditional suburban feel that belie their proximity to the downtown urban center. For construction worker accident cases we have White Plains construction accident lawyer to help you. The City offers numerous parks and recreational facilities and a large variety of recreational programming for preschoolers through active older adults. Its schools are well-regarded and provide top quality education and services to a large and diverse student population.

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