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My name is Michael Camporeale and I am an attorney who practices in the areas of elder law, Medicaid law, estate planning, probate and estates, asset protection from nursing homes, special needs planning, real estate, and estate litigation. I practice throughout the entire New York City metropolitan area including Westchester, White Plains, Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

I am an estate planning lawyer based in New York, as well as an elder law lawyer. Whether you need an elder law attorney or an estate planning attorney in NY, I am the person to contact. I can also help you with estate planning, special needs planning, Medicaid planning as well as probate, wills and trusts. I have been serving in Staten Island, New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, White Plains, Garden City, Melville, NY for well over a decade and have numerous clients who can vouch for my credibility. Contact me for a Free Consultation by calling (718) 475-9639 today!

What Brought me to the Practice of elder law? 

Basically, when I started out as a young lawyer, I started working in the elder law probate and estate field and in the estate planning arena where I dealt with probating estates and doing estate planning. A lot has changed in Elder law since I started in this field well over a decade ago.

Today the practice of elder law and Medicaid law and asset protection from nursing homes is the most important part of an estate plan.

Asset protection from the nursing home is the most important part of an estate plan because of the catastrophic economic consequences of someone having to be put into a nursing home. The reality is obviously that no one ever wants to think they or a loved one would have to be placed into a nursing home. However, it is a reality that I see in my office every week.

I always advise my clients to plan for the worst but hope for the best, so that if in fact they become incapacitated or needed nursing home care, their family members and children would have the proper tools in place to help them if that situation arose so that assets can be preserved and protected from the high catastrophic cost of NY nursing home care.

I see the catastrophic economic effects on families when nursing home care is needed and people did not do the proper planning. I have seen this happening since my early years in practice and it still continues today, which is what brought me to the forefront of getting involved in doing the proper Medicaid planning for families to protect their family assets. I do not like having those crisis meetings where families come into my office, sit down and tell me that their mother or father or other family member is in the nursing home and they did not plan properly and are worried that all of their assets are going to be spent on that nursing home care at approximately $15,000 per month.

This is a very traumatic experience, so having dealt with family members who have been confronted with this situation is what brought me into the elder law field because I really wanted to be there to help them and protect their assets, because obviously, going through the traumatic experience of having a loved one go into a nursing home because of medical reasons would be traumatic in and of itself, but then having to deal with the catastrophic economic problem of having paying to pay for that care makes the situation even worse.

As an attorney, I would obviously not be able to fix the medical issues the person was suffering from, although I could obviously help them with the financial and legal aspects that were involved, meaning I could lessen the blow of the problems they were facing and help with the economics of the situation in protecting and preserving family assets and getting a person qualified for Medicaid so that the high cost of nursing home care can be paid by the Medicaid program and not by private assets.

As an NY elder law and Medicaid lawyer, I would be the best person in that position to help them with these issues when they really would not know what to do when confronted with this situation.

Certain things could be done depending on the situation but an individual really needs to be proactive and have a comprehensive plan put in place when confronted with having to place a person in a nursing home. The most important thing to do would be to be proactive and do the proper planning. I can’t stress that enough to families. They need to take a more proactive role to get mom or dad to do the proper planning in advance. They need to meet with a well versed NY elder law attorney like myself to make sure the proper planning was done and that the proper tools were put in place to handle the potential future catastrophic economic event of having to place a loved one in a nursing home.

What Qualities Does Your Firm Specifically Offer When Handling Elder Law Cases?

 Obviously the main things that my firm brings to the table is that we are well versed and experienced in the field of elder law and Medicaid law and eligibility requirements because this is what I do and this is the bulk of my practice, which makes my firm the right firm to handle this very highly technical and confusing type of law. This is not something my firm dabbles in or that we are trying to learn as we go. The other thing I offer is the personal approach with which we practice in this area, meaning we are there for our clients at a personal level. They are not simply just a file. This is what we do all day, every day for well over a decade.

Because of that personal approach my clients are my clients and I have a long standing relationship with them. I have long standing relationships with their children, which takes place over a long period of time of their life through sickness and death. People many times come to me at a very vulnerable time in their life, and I am there to help them get through that vulnerable time.

I am there for families when they are dealing with the catastrophic situation of needing home care, incapacitation, illness, dementia, Alzheimers and death, and when it comes to that part of their families’ lives, I am there to look out for their interests because I actually have the human understanding and ability to get them through these difficult times.

Do You Personally Handle Your Client’s Cases?

The other big thing that separates me from other elder law attorneys is that a lot of elder lawyers handle the legal drafting aspects of things, but they would not or do not get their hands dirty on the Medicaid applications side of things, meaning they themselves would not actually deal with Medicaid in getting a medication application submitted and approved, meaning they don’t want to do the processing of the application.

A lot of firms subcontract that part of their elder law practice out or they tell their client that they don’t do that part of work when that family member needs to get home care or nursing home care. My firm is a full service firm. We handle the planning process, the Medicaid process and then obviously the death issues and post death estate issues.

We handle everything when it comes to elder law, estate planning, Medicaid and probate and estate administration. These aspects along with the personal approach my firm exhibits during these vulnerable times is what really separate my firm from other practitioners in this field or from practitioners who are trying to get into and learn this field or from the estate practitioner who has no idea how Medicaid works or how to protect assets and only knows how to deal with death issues, which will give you no asset protection if you need nursing home care.

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