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If Someone Is Not Concerned With Government Benefits, Do They Still Need To Set Up Supplemental Needs Trust?

A person should definitely be concerned about those benefits, because if someone is disabled it could cost them quite a bit of money to have medical coverage put in place to pay for their medical care if they lost Medicaid.

So if a person is disabled and they are getting Medicaid because of their disability, you would not necessarily want them to inherit outright without a supplemental needs trust because they could lose their Medicaid.

Even if you put that aside, you could not have someone who is disabled managing these assets, if their disabilities made them incapable of handling their own affairs.

Of course, you definitely would want a trust set up, and the most appropriate trust would be the supplemental needs trust, or the special needs trust.

In order to set up the special needs trust, you’ll need help from a lawyer who knows how to set up a trust. Similarly, if you need help with medical coverage and Medicaid, you’ll need to contact a Medicaid planning lawyer. Our lawyers and attorneys at The Law Offices Of Michael Camporeale P.C. in New York are familiar with the local laws. They know how probate works, and how wills and trusts are set up and written. We also have elder law lawyers who understand elder law in New York. Our estate planning lawyers can also help you with estate planning.

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