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Melville, New York Suffolk County Elder Law And Estate Planning Attorneys

Probate and Estate Planning Law The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C., located in Melville, New York Suffolk County, is a firm with extensive legal experience dedicated to the practice of elder law, estate planning, Medicaid planning, asset protection from nursing homes, qualifying individuals for Medicaid homecare or institutional Medicaid nursing home care, wills and trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, living trusts, life estates, health care proxies, estates, guardianships, probate, estate litigation, special needs planning, personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, bed sores cases, nursing home accidents, and real estate closings in Melville, New York, Suffolk County.

Our attorney real estate Long Island can help you in any case of estate planning. If you looking for one of the best real estate attorney Long Island then you are at the right place.

Sufflock County Elder Law Attorney – Guardianship Lawyer Long Island NY

We are NY elder law attorneys dedicated to helping the elderly, disabled, persons with special needs and those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia in Melville, New York, Suffolk County. Understanding the legal and practical issues and needs of these individuals takes a special type of guardianship attorney Suffolk County NY. Estate planning, elder law, Medicaid and estate law can be daunting and confusing to the general public, those who work in the health care field and even attorneys who do not truly practice in this specific area. Attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C. are highly qualified and experienced and they understand the local laws in Melville, New York, Suffolk County. Whether you are looking for an Estate Planning Attorney Long Island NY, an Elder Law Attorney Long Island NY, an Estate Planning Lawyer in Melville, New York, Suffolk County, or an Elder Law Lawyer in Melville, New York, Suffolk County, call The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C. for a Free Phone Consultation at (718) 475-9639 today! Our lawyers are eager to help you out.

Guardianship Attorney Long Island NY

We are dedicated to educating our clients and their families in taking a proactive approach to estate and Medicaid planning so that family members will have the proper legal documents, tools and advice at their disposal to properly protect and preserve assets against Melville NY nursing homes and the high cost of long term care, so that we can insure the proper transfer of wealth to the next generation and not have the family’s inheritance wiped out and spent on the catastrophic costs associated with long term care costs.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their unique issues in Melville, New York, Suffolk County. We encourage a free consultation with our clients and their children if they wish so that the proper estate planning and Medicaid planning can be accomplished to qualify clients for Medicaid, protect assets from nursing homes and transfer wealth and lessen estate, and capital gain taxes. We have been successfully qualifying and securing individuals for NY Medicaid and protecting and preserving family assets including their home from the high cost of nursing home care for individuals in the New York City metro area, Long Island, Westchester, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and White Plains, NY for well over a decade. Whether you refer to us as Melville NY Lawyers or Melville NY Elder Care attorneys, the Law Office of Michael Camporeale is the right choice. Find us under Melville NY Estate Lawyers, Melville NY Elder Lawyer, Melville NY Elder Care, Long Island Elder Care Attorney, Melville, New York, Estate Planning Attorney, Melville, New York, Elder Law Attorney, Melville, New York, Estate Planning Lawyer Long Island NY and Melville, New York, Elder Law Lawyer in Suffolk County. An experienced guardianship lawyer Suffolk County NY will give you the best advice and save your precious time as well.

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We Are Melville New York Elder Law Attorneys Dedicated To Providing Our Clients And Their Families With The Finest Legal Representation Available.

Melville is a hamlet and census-designated place in the town of Huntington in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York, in the United States. As of the 2000 census, 14,533 people resided there. It is directly east of the county boundary with Nassau County, New York. The Long Island Expressway (LIE) and Northern State Parkway, two of the country’s busiest highways and major points of entry in and out of New York City, pass through Melville. Melville is located immediately off of Exit 49 of the LIE. New York State Route 110 runs through the center of Melville. Melville is home to the U.S. headquarters of several national and international corporations, including Hain Celestial, Arrow Electronics, Chyron, MSC Industrial Direct, Nikon Corporation, OSI Pharmaceuticals, Allion Healthcare, the Italian-food chain Sbarro, the medical and dental supply distributor Henry Schein, Bouchard Transportation and global staffing giant Adecco (US Headquarters). An estate planning lawyer Suffolk County NY can help you in resolving your estate issues.

In addition, significant operations of Manhattan-based Estée Lauder are conducted there. Melville is also the host of operations for many Fortune 500 companies. These headquarters and many other corporate and industrial centers are found on or near Route 110, which runs north to south through Huntington, Melville, Farmingdale, North Amityville, and Amityville. Melville has a climate similar to most of the areas across Long Island. According to the Köppen climate classification, Melville is in a transition zone between a humid continental climate and a humid subtropical climate. Melville has hot sunny summers, and cool damp winters. Due to its location on the coast, it experiences relatively warmer winters than nearby inland locations at the same latitude, and cooler summers than nearby inland locations. Precipitation is distributed at a relatively even rate throughout the year. Make sure you consult with an experienced estate planning attorney Suffolk County NY to save your self from unnecessary depression and waste of time.

Estate Planning And Probate Terms For Easy Communication With Your Estate Attorney In Melville, New York

When you decide to look into your estate planning and probate options in New York, you will be faced with many new and unfamiliar vocabulary terms. Before approaching a Melville, NY estate attorney to contact for discussing your options, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the definitions of these common terms:

  • Will: This well-known legal document is where a decedent specifies how he or she wants his or her assets distributed when they die and requires validation through the probate process in New York. The services of a Melville probate attorney will be needed.
  • Decedent: The person who has died.
  • Beneficiaries: Those who inherit the decedent’s assets.
  • Estate: All of the decedent’s asset, including any cash, bank accounts, real property, life insurance policy benefits, retirement accounts, vehicles, and personal belongings.
  • Executor: The person who has been named by the decedent in the will to perform various fiduciary duties, such as paying the estate’s final debts and taxes, filing lawsuits for any outstanding debts owed, and distributing assets to all the beneficiaries as specified.
  • Administrator: A person who has been named by a court to administer an estate when a decedent died without a valid will.
  • Fiduciary duty: A legal responsibility that requires a person to exercise the highest legal level of integrity when managing the assets and finances of another person.
  • Advance Medical Directive: A legal document in where a person names a certain individual or multiple individuals to make their medical decisions for them, if they have become unable incapacitated. This document can also describe the creator’s wishes when it comes the amount of life-extending medical care they desire. An estate attorney is vital to creating valid estate planning documents in Melville, NY.

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