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“Anyone reading this has probably experienced the stress of elder care and related concerns. The various entities the responsible party has to deal with (hospitals, insurance, banks, local and federal government, etc.) are complex and very inconsistent in their expectations (i.e. Power of Attorney). Within no time at all, one goes from feeling in control of a situation to overwhelmed. Hiring an Elder Care attorney was the smartest move I made, and I was fortunate to find one with the expertise of Mr. Camoporeale.

Soon after I relayed my information to Michael, he responded with an itemized plan. No, not everything is going to be handled in real time, but an initial plan was a big relief. His handling of face-to-face meetings, where elder care situations can become emotional and unique, was equally as skillful. Combined with his obvious expertise is his excellent responsiveness. In my case, I was handling affairs outside of my home state, thus compounding difficulties. Michael, knowing I was in town for a limited time, quickly rescheduled appointments to fit in my time-sensitive needs.

Michael does not blunt the communication of potential problems, which I appreciate. He’s able to think through and move rapidly to resolution, so be prepared to keep up! In conclusion, Michael enabled me to concern myself more with the personal needs of my loved one than with wrestling complicated legal and financial arrangements.”