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The Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C., is a firm with extensive legal experience dedicated to the practice of elder law, estate planning, Medicaid planning, asset protection from nursing homes, qualifying individuals for Medicaid home care or institutional Medicaid nursing home care, wills, powers of attorney, living wills, living trusts, life estates, health care proxies, estates, guardianships, probate, estate litigation, special needs planning, personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, bed sores cases, nursing home accidents, and real estate closings.

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We are NY elder law attorneys dedicated to helping the elderly, disabled, persons with special needs and those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Understanding the legal and practical issues and needs of these individuals takes a special type of attorney. Estate planning, elder law, Medicaid and estate law can be daunting and confusing to the general public, those who work in the health care field and even attorneys who do not truly practice in this specific area.

We are dedicated to educating our clients and their families in taking a proactive approach to estate and Medicaid planning so that family members will have the proper legal documents, tools and advice at their disposal to properly protect and preserve assets against Staten Island NY nursing homes and the high cost of long term care, so that we can insure the proper transfer of wealth to the next generation and not have the family’s inheritance wiped out and spent on the catastrophic costs associated with long term care costs.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their unique issues. We encourage a free consultation with our clients and their children if they wish so that the proper estate planning and Medicaid planning can be accomplished to qualify clients for Medicaid, protect assets from nursing homes and transfer wealth and lessen estate, and capital gain taxes. We have been successfully qualifying and securing individuals for NY Medicaid and protecting and preserving family assets including their home from the high cost of nursing home care for individuals in the New York City metro area, Long Island, Westchester, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and White Plains for well over a decade. Whether you refer to us as Staten Island NY Lawyers or Staten Island NY Elder Care attorneys, the Law Office of Michael Camporeale is the right choice. Find us under Staten Island NY Estate Lawyers, Staten Island NY Elder Lawyer, Staten Island NY Elder Care and Staten Island NY Elder Care Attorney.

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We Are Staten Island New York Elder Law Attorneys Dedicated To Providing Our Clients And Their Families With The Finest Legal Representation Available.

The South Shore is a geographical term applied to the area in the New York City borough of Staten Island, south and east of the island’s ridge of hills (and Richmond Creek and Fresh Kills south of Historic Richmond Town) along the waterfront and adjacent areas from the Narrows to the mouth of the Arthur Kill, although many observers prefer to restrict its scope to the neighborhoods located between the shoreline of Raritan Bay on one side and Richmond Creek and Fresh Kills on the other, thus encompassing the neighborhoods of Great Kills to Tottenville only. Those who use this narrower definition of the “South Shore” prefer to assign the communities that lie along the Lower New York Bay, and inland for approximately 2 to 2½ miles, from Bay Terrace and Richmond town to as far north as Grasmere and Concord, as belonging to the East Shore.

Territorially defined, the South Shore is noted for the rapid urbanization that took place in the area during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Its population is predominantly white, but according to census data has been growing more heterogeneous in recent years. Many residents are of Italian, Irish, English, and Jewish descent, with a massive boom to the Italian population in the 1980s and 1990s across a lot of many south shore neighborhoods and spread out. The area generally has a low crime rate except for thefts. Commerce was previously dominated by small businesses despite the presence of Hylan Boulevard running along the eastern boundary of the South Shore. However, a number of shopping centers have been built over the last decade. The area is still known for small businesses, including 24-hour delis, pork stores, pizzerias, cafes, gourmet food shops, and a number of independently owned pharmacies, florists, hair and nail salons, paint stores, and car repair shops.

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