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What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Probate Matters?

The experience level that I have in handling these cases sets me apart from the general practitioner that is running around doing car accidents or real estate closings, I handle estate matters all day every day. This is a big part of my practice area where I am very experienced and the bulk of my practice involves elder law, estate planning, Medicaid planning, asset preservation, wills, trusts, estates and probate.

My firm has the ability to handle a lot of clients and cases, but we still give them the personal attention that they deserve. We are not that big where we cannot give them that personal attention. My client base are clients that are formed over a lifetime relationship that passes from one generation to the next.

I have clients that come in to see me and they come in to see me with their children, and I would prepare their estate plan and asset preservation plan. I have it put in place and then some time or some years will pass and the children will come back to me and say mom or dad needs some care in the house with an aid, and they want to qualify for community Medicaid, so I sit down with them and I will prepare a Medicaid application for in-home care and I will process that and get them qualified for Medicaid home care and have it put in place in their private home and have the Medicaid program pay for the cost of that care.

I will get in-home Medicaid put it in place in their private home and then, maybe, sometime will pass from there, some years will pass and then they may come back to me again and say, “Mike, you know what? Mom’s health took a turn for the worst and now she needs an escalated level of care and I think we need to put her into a nursing home”. So now I will help them get into a nursing home and I will be able to get them placed into the nursing home and placed on Medicaid and have their assets protected. The family is very happy that their assets won’t be lost on the high cost of nursing home care.

It could be some years later that the family will then come back to see me and say, “Mike, mom or dad, unfortunately, passed away” and we need help concluding their estate and passing the assets to the beneficiaries of the estate, and then once again I am there to assist them at that point.

If that means that now the assets have to come out of the trust, I am there to conclude the estate in that manner from the trust, however, if there were assets that were not put into the trust for whatever reason, maybe it was done accidentally or maybe even on purpose for certain reasons, and they require probate I would then take care of the probate for those particular assets. Obviously, if they then want to go and sell the house from the estate, I am there to help them with that as well. I will handle the real estate transaction and pass the house or have the house sold out of the estate or if they just want the trust to pass the asset over to them individually, I am there as well to assist them and pass the property on with new deeds.

So it is a relationship that I have with them and their children that takes place over a lot of different periods of time in their lives and which sometimes takes place over many years. Then what happens is I then do the proper estate planning for the children and basically go through the same steps that I just did for the parents. That is what my practice entails and that is what I have been doing for well over a decade.

That is what makes me very different from a lot of other practitioners out there. I have those longstanding relationships with the clients that takes place over many years and which transcends generations from one to the next.

Save your loved ones the trouble of taking care of your estate after your death. They’ll already have a lot to deal with when a loved one dies. Hire an estate planning attorney while you have time and get the help you need to set up your eatste. The estate planning lawyers and attorneys at The Law Offices Of Michael Camporeale P.C. can assist you with everything, from probate, estate administration, estate litigation, Medicaid applications, wills and trusts, living trusts, special needs planning, elder abuse, elder law to nursing home accidents. We know what the years ahead might hold for you, so we help you plan well in advance. Our elder law lawyers and probate lawyers can also assist with elder law, Medicaid, and probate.

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