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How Does The Law Offices Of Michael Camporeale Differ From Other Elder Law Firms?

The two biggest reasons our firm stands out is because we are a firm that is hands-on. We are large enough to help multiple clients in multiple geographical areas but at the same time we are still small enough where we are able to interact with our clients at a personal level.

We Communicate With Our Clients

We return phone calls and our clients have the ability to interact with their counsel. We are a full service law firm based in New York, meaning we do it all when it comes to elder law. Our offices are located in Staten Island, New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, White Plains, Garden City, Melville, NY. Our elder law lawyers and attorneys understand estate and Medicaid planning as well as elder law in New York. We know how NY elder law homes and NY nursing homes operate and the high cost of long term care associated with elderly care.

We are not just limited with the planning part. We will do the actual estate planning part and the Medicaid planning part. We will then also help you with the processing of the Medicaid application be it for community home care or institutional nursing home care, we don’t subcontract that work out. We also handle, real estate transfers, guardianship issues, in surrogate court or supreme court and or any special needs planning issues, probate and any estate litigation that may occur.

We Are A Full Service Law Firm

Most firms will only handle the planning part but do not want to get involved with the actual Medicaid application because it would be time consuming and work intensive. They will generally tell the person to go somewhere else, or subcontract it out.

My firm handles the whole process from beginning to end.

We Are Involved In Every Part of the Process.

I Attend Any Hearings Necessary For My Client Regarding Medicaid Applications

If a fair hearing needs to be attended, I will appear on behalf of the applicant.

My firm handles post-death issues. I will be there to finalize the estate in regards to passing the assets through a trust, or if there are assets that are not in a trust and have to go through the probate process or through administration in the surrogate court.

My firm will handle everything from the very preliminary planning stage, the in-home community Medicaid stage, the full blown nursing home Medicaid stage, the actual Medicaid applications and any post-death probate issues as well as the transferring of the assets and the estate and any estate litigation. Whether it is elder law, probate, estate administration, estate litigation, Medicaid applications, wills and trusts, living trusts, special needs planning, elder abuse, or nursing home accidents you need help with, trust us.

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