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Elder Abuse And Nursing Home Accidents

When you send your loved one to live in an assisted care facility or nursing home, you expect them to receive the utmost care and compassion. Sadly, the drive for profit, push toward efficiency, or simple negligence can leave the elderly residents helpless and with no one to reach out to. If you have seen evidence of or have heard reports of neglect in your loved one’s nursing home, it is imperative to contact a Local Nursing Home Lawyer as soon as possible. It is not only the well-being of those close to you at stake but also that of the other residents.

Abuse can take many shapes at any stage of life and certainly does not change when in a nursing home. Physical abuse of an elder has a broad scope. It can take the form of direct physical violence or neglect to a level in which the individual’s physical condition worsens. The maintenance of dietary and supplementary needs also cannot be overlooked. As one ages, the body requires more care and demands more specific attention. The purpose of a nursing home is to care for the elderly when they may not be able to themselves. If you do not believe the standards of care live up to those of your loved one, report the deficiency to the staff immediately and contact a New York Elder Abuse Attorney right away.

Pricing for nursing homes can be incredibly steep, especially in Staten Island, NY. With this investment, the hope is that when you send your elderly loved ones there, they will receive close to the same level of compassion and care you would have provided them. Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers will help ensure the safety and happiness of the residents who need it the most. An often-overlooked aspect of abuse that is common within nursing homes is emotional abuse. One’s happiness can directly impact your physical health, and if emotional abuse can often take a significant toll on an individual. It is critical to take any reports of abuse seriously and look for the signs of elder abuse.

If you believe your family member or another person is being mistreated in a nursing home, contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer right away. By examining the state of the individual in the nursing home, and with the experience gained over decades of experience, you will be able to definitively determine if abuse has occurred, and if so, how to proceed. By recognizing signs of abuse early and heeding the words of those who directly experience it, you can significantly reduce the chance for further harm.

At the Law Offices of Michael Camporeale P.C., you will find a diligent and dedicated team waiting to help you and your family with any abuse that may have occurred. Not only will the situation be brought to a close, but you and the resident will have the opportunity to receive compensation for any suffering endured. Call today for a free phone consultation with a Local Nursing Home Lawyer, and discuss the details of any elder abuse occurring in Staten Island, NY.

All too often, nursing homes place their drive for profits above the needs and rights of residents which results in facilities that are understaffed and which lack attention. State and Federal law provides “Residents Rights”, which are typically those rights or guarantees given to nursing home residents. Most cases against nursing homes stem from the facility’s failure to provide appropriate health care and protective and supportive services. The lack of care can result in bed sores, pressure sores and ulcers that appear on a resident’s skin and can lead to infection, the need for surgery, or even death. Appropriate nutrition and hydration are also essential for maintaining the health of an elderly nursing home resident. Many times falls and accidents occur in nursing homes because the facility fails to perform appropriate assessments of the resident to determine the risk of falling and fails to take appropriate steps to prevent falls which can lead to broken bones.

The Law Offices Of Michael Camporeale P.C. has experienced elder law lawyers and elder law attorneys who understand elder law very well. We can handle the following cases related to elder abuse and nursing homes in Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, White Plains, Queens, and Melville, New York:

  • Bed sores, pressure sores, ulcers
  • Slips and falls
  • Restraint injuries/bedrails
  • Failure to follow proper care plans
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Elder abuse
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